Black Triangle Sighting in Morrill, Maine on October 10th 2007 – Bright stars turning into a UFO event

Out in my back yard with my boyfriend at the time.
Sitting on a large rock staring at the stars.
Beautiful clear sky.
It was like they hide above us within the patterns of the stars.
A giant triangle shape of stars, like a star pattern, I was admiring the pattern.
When it started to move, it changed shape completley….the stars just rearranged themselves.
I was staring at one one of them particularly, Like I could not stop gazing at it.
That one star shot out from the triangle and came straight down from space to ,me……my boyfriend and I ran like hell.
It followed us through the woods and cemetary and into my parents house.
My parents have seen the lights before and did not seem shocked at all.
We have had many experiences. Since we were kids.
My mother and her friends seen a tall alien when she was a teenager.
My brother, father and mother and I all have memories of them in our home, happened more than once.
I wonder what would have happened if I had just stood on the rock. I want to remember. I am not scared.

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