Black Triangle Sighting in Tuolumne, California on June 30th 1984 – Huge Triangular craft floting above bassball dimond it was as big as the field. No noise at all nothing. I watched it for 15 minuts ithen i went home.

I was going home from my sisters house on a motorcycle. I was on Apple colloney rd. The rd went right next to our school and bassball field. As drove northbound as I drove past the corner wher they meet I saw something to my left so I slowed down turned around and pulled over. Write in front of me was this giant triangular craft. I did see some dim colerd lights I remember thinking their is no noise at all this thing was bigger than the bassball dimond about as thick as a house. Their wasno noise at all.
This happened about 1984 I was a teenager and I can still. See it. For some reason I forgot about it for 20+ years.

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