UFO Sighting in Missouri on April 14th 2015 – Hundreds of Craft Swarming

Tuesday April 14, 2015 was another occasion of seeing many momentary glimpses in the sky above Blue Springs Lake. I took two random videos in hopes of catching something. The first video taken at 3:09 p.m. lasted 13 seconds but I have not noticed anything on it. The second video taken at 6:41 p.m. lasted 34 seconds. At first I didn���t see anything��� but then I was amazed at how many moving craft there were. The direction was 342��, at an elevation of 17�� from the horizon.

The image of frame 0:17 contains 101 craft. In frame 0:21 there are 139 craft. This means that in 4/60th of a second later 38 more had appeared.

The photomerged image of frames 0:17 and 0:21 has had most of the color removed to facilitate seeing the dots. Since they were faint to begin with, I artificially placed a fine marker dot over each craft to make them more visible. The darker of the dots in this image are from frame 0:21 as it was layered over the first one. Thus one can see the amount of change in that time as well.

In a matter of only 4/30th of a second, 38 more craft were in the view of the camera, or nearly 40% more. Most of them seem to be heading in their own patterns as there is no consistent direction. Some seem to remain close together, yet others seem to be more independent.

There were some craft which were obviously larger but fainter and more blurred to see. Frame 6:54 after some enhancement allows one to see the image somewhat better. However I cropped and greatly edited it to reveal a triangular component to it.

Frame 6:55, or 1/60th of a second later showed yet another larger craft. Further editing shows it to be perhaps of the same nature as the previous one, but from a different view.

Finally, frame 14:06 depicts two of the smaller craft in the swarm but which were more readily visible. While they show up mainly as an elongated dot, and a dot, they nonetheless were elements of the swarm.

The hundreds of craft in the video at times seemed to behave like a swarm of instects. However when analyzed they show no elements of insects. The focal point of the 300 mm telephoto lens was on infinity, and so what was captured on the film would have been actually covering a distance of 1,024 ft vertical height in the image, at a distance of about 1 mile estimated. If the distance is accurate, this means that individual craft average about 7.2 feet in diameter. Some were larger, some were smaller. The larger craft of frames 6:54 and 6:55 would have been approximately 36 feet in diameter.

This is a new development in the observations. While there have been sometimes multiple craft in video images, this is the first time that this observer has seen so many over Blue Springs Lake, in the hundreds.

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