UFO Sighting in Mount Juliet, Tennessee on June 22nd 2015 – Fast-moving cloud-shape engulfs “star”, becoming very bright and changes direction

My husband and I were stargazing from our pool last night, when he pointed to a strange little cloud on an otherwise cloudless evening. It was transparent and gray in color that never seemed to break apart or change shape as it moved steadily heading NNW. I noted that it didn’t seem to act like a cloud and was moving pretty quickly.

We watched as it moved to pass in front of a very bright star and that’s when it got weird. My husband and I both gasped and we both said “are you seeing what I’m seeing?”. The only way I can describe what we saw, is that as the cloud passed in front of the “star”, the star began moving quickly along WITHIN it. The cloud then shrank around the bright star object as it became very bright and seemed to alter direction a bit heading more towards the North. We watched as the object brightened and dimmed, turned back into a small cloud shape, then finally dimmed and disappeared in the distance.

This object could have been seen crossing high above I40 traveling in either direction around the Mount Juliet, TN area around 10:40 or so last night. Hoping we weren’t the only ones.

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