What do we believe? Science or sci-fi?

We would have to be naïve in the extreme to think we are the only life forms in the entire Universe.
That there are life forms far, far more advanced than ours has to be considered simply because our solar system and the planet Earth are very young compared to solar systems that are further from the centre of the Universe, and there are countless solar systems much older than ours that could easily have planets that support populations so advanced that they can indeed travel through time and space.
On the one hand we have been inundated with Hollywood style aliens seeking to destroy humanity which of course is then saved by the American hero. Thus the mindset of fear has flourished and permeates the atmosphere surrounding discussions. Of course there is another element at work in conjunction with the Hollywood drivel and that is the concerted effort by Governments to deny and debunk the notion of alien life visiting our planet.
In considering alien life and visits from them we should consider our very strong desire to dig into the past, to unfold the fabric of evolution and our thirst for knowledge about times beyond living memory.
We employ many thousands of scientists, working in fields such as geology, physics, chemistry, anthropology, palaeontology, mathematics, astronomy and even rocketry. Is it so far beyond our understanding to realise that life forms that may be far more advanced than ours would also seek knowledge? Is it not probable that they would send their own scientists out into space as we seek to do at some time in the future?
Can we stop for a second and consider the facts that we do know.
1. We know that our solar system is in an expanding orbit around the centre of a Galaxy that is in an expanding orbit around the centre of what we call the Universe.
2. We know that our solar system formed approximately “X” number of years ago.
3. We know that the life of any solar system is finite.
4. We know that a planet which orbits a Star (Sun) at a given distance could form a potential biosphere where carbon based life could evolve.
And of course there are dozens more known factors that relate to what I am about to say.
Why would other, more advanced life forms fail to discover a way to transit the ether between their solar system and ours? If they could, would they not be seeking the key to the mystery of life just as we do?
Why must we assume that alien visitors to our planet are seeking to harm us, when in fact they could simply be scientists seeking the knowledge of evolution? I would like to continue this thread in a civilised discussion and consider the facts rather than have it derailed with fantasy tales from debunkers who lack the mental acuity to have a discussion beyond the sphere of their own misunderstanding.
There is much to consider, for example the trigger for evolution.
The mechanism, that, sparks life on a planet.
Our own thirst for knowledge of our past.

Really our understanding of some basic fundamentals plays a big role in our ability to discuss the pros and cons of any topic. alien visitation is no different, it is a topic that must be discussed rationally and in the constraints of science. Because that is where the truth is to be found.

It has been pointed out to me that the topic has been discussed here for some time and a great deal of good discussion has been buried under tons of threads and posts. I hope I am not merely covering old material. But a quick browse through the forum has not unearthed any of the material I would like to present so with permission I would like to open a new discussion of the topic of aliens and their existence. Their visits here and the reasons for those visits. I do not profess to know the answers to all of the questions but I can offer some thought provoking facts that might help us all to better understand the issue.

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