Ghosts are supernatural beings, imaginary or holograms? (Video Ghost)

Since the rise of mankind there have been stories of the spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living.

Despite years of efforts by ghost hunters on TV and in real life, we still do not have good proof that ghosts are real.

But what are ghosts and they really exist or not?

Mythology would tell us that ghosts are the lingering spirits of the dead. Ghosts exist in the supernatural, in a realm where science cannot tread.

It is said that a ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition, but what if a ghost is not the disembodied personality of the dead but a spirit of living?

And what if a ghost is not a spirit of living at all but just an impression upon the subatomic weave of the universe, created via strong emotion of a sentient observer.

But what if ghosts are neither supernatural nor imaginary, but holograms. A virtual reality.

That there is something not of this world which has the technology to create a virtual reality and the capacity to project holograms of past, present and perhaps holograms of future events.

The next video shows a ghost caught on New Orleans Street Cam.

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