Publisher’s Note: I came across this very interesting article on the Mirror.Co.UK website written by Kara O’Neill.

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This article is entitled: Strange fleet of UFOs caught on camera by baffled eye-witness as they hover in early-morning sky. A strange fleet of unidentified flying objects have been caught on camera by a baffled man who spotted the lights hovering above his home.

Five ‘double orbed’ lights were seen dramatically changing position in the early-morning sky above Tarma, a central city in Peru on June 22.

According to the filmmaker, the video was captured at 5am, although other details about the footage remain unclear.

Strange: The lights were captured on camera by baffled onlookers who spotted them hovering in the sky about their house.

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Extra information about the article: 
Five bizarre lights appeared to be hovering in the sky before suddenly changing position as the camera keeps rolling.

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