UFO Sighting in Golden Valley, Arizona on January 13th 2014 – My Friend and I saw a light orange light appear then disappear

I was spending the night at my friend’s house and at around eleven thirty, midnight we walked outside. We were dancing to the Ghostbuster’s song when we went to her Aunt’s car and sat on the roof of the car. We were sitting there staring at the sky for about five minutes when I started hearing a buzzing noise. I tapped my friend on the arm and she looked around with me. We walked around her yard a couple times then went back to the car. The buzzing noise was still there and I looked at the sky again and there was an orange light off in the distance. I stared at it for about five to ten minutes and then it started to kind of pulsate. I tapped on my friend’s shoulder and she looked over to where I was staring at. She saw the light pulsating and she started to freak out. We got up to walk around and to get our mind off of it. I thought it was just an airplane but it wasn’t moving at all. When we finally sat down again the orange circle looked like it had gotten closer because it looked bigger. It started pulsating a little faster and it had gotten brighter. I was really freaked out by now and so was my friend. We were so freaked out that we got into the back of the car and just stared at it. It looked like it was getting closer and then it just disappeared. My friend and I sat in the car maybe an hour after it had happened just thinking about what it was. She just said that it was probably a plane or something like that. I think if it was a plane it would have moved while we watched it. the stars moved but it did not! After about another hour we had gotten out of the car and went inside. While we were walking I looked at the sky and the orange circle was nowhere to be found. The buzzing we heard stopped about 5 minutes before the light disappeared. All together it lasted maybe a half an hour to an hour. I am a minor, my step-mother said it was alright to talk to you

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