UFO Sighting in Homewood, California on August 31st 1983 – Saw metallic reflection over mountain range. Moving quickly at great distance. Passed over lake below an off-shore cloud cover. Change direction while in front of me.

I was sitting on a small dock on the Homewood shore of Lake Tahoe.Just looking at the lake and the mountains in the distance.There were distance clouds over the southern part of the mountains, also an off shore cloud layer moving across the lake in a northern direction. I felt overwhelming urge to look to my right and I noticed a bright flash over the mountain range that appeared to be a sunlight reflection off metal. The shine continued as I looked at it and I could perceived that the object was moving very fast. I felt a sense of elation as I watched the object and I could tell it was coming towards me. I assumed it was a passenger jet but as it came towards me I could tell it was moving much to fast to be a passenger jet. I then thought it could be a small fighter jet perhaps heading towards Fallon AFB in Nevada. The distance it was covering while traveling towards me did not seem possible for anything other the a very fast jet. As it came closer I felt a rush of excitement as if the object was trying to get my attention. I could tell the object was slowing as it got within about a half mile from me. It was traveling below a cloud deck and I could see that it was a silver sphere. I could see a sailboat with a gentleman looking up towards the object and as the object passed in front of me it suddenly veered to its’left, sped up and within a couple of seconds was no longer visible to me. The object reminded me of a sphere you would see on top of a flag pole except its’ diameter was a little smaller than the length of a small private airplane. It made no sound but it did seem to slightly disturb the cloud layer above it, but I can not be sure because it happen so quickly. I then ran to the bar/restaurant, Sunnyside Resort, where I was employed, which was less than 1/2 mile from where I was seated. I was sure that when I arrived there I would be able to share what I saw with others who were on the deck , in the bar which had large windows facing the lake or on our dock. As I entered the establishment I expected people to be excited but everything seemed normal. I then asked a friend of mine who was the bartender on shift if anyone had seen anything strange fly past the resort. He stated no. I described what I had seen and he laughed telling me that it is not uncommon for the locals to report seeing things like that happening in Lake Tahoe. I then went out on the deck and dock area and was surprised that everything seemed normal. I checked news reports that day and the local papers the next day fully expecting news of the object but there was nothing of note. Several years ago I decided to research UFO sightings in the area of Lake Tahoe during that time. I found only one report and it was nothing like what I had seen.

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