UFO Sighting in Altamonte Springs, Florida on September 15th 1977 – bright round light

Just arrived home late,beautiful clear night,I went out side laid down on a lounge chair,stairing at the starlit night.At some point I noticed a really bright star ,no movement thats why I figured it was a star,many stars out that night.So looking around at the night sky I noticed another star with the same intensity of brightness so ok !So I called the wife out but she was to busy with the kitchen,I next reclined the lounge chair,and right straight up over me was another light,At that point I don’t remember how long I was out there but the far most light began to move west slow at first then bam it was gone like star treck take off to warp speed.Then next the second light did the same take off both were silent ,Well the third orb or star what ever, I herd it start its motor ect,I will never forget the sound it made as long as I live,it went also in the same direction as he other two.So fast it diapeared in a snap,The funny thing is one light came back in the east direction of the space center.Kind of looked like a shooting star going across the sky.I have no memory of how long I was out side that night and have never throught about it until one of my co-workers was talking about one of her grand parents sightings.This same lady said something to me after I shared with her ,!!She said for you to hear the ufo it must have been very close to you! I never saw it until it took off Food for throught .I was twenty seven years old then,there was no ufo stuff back then no nothing that could do what I saw these things do.

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