UFO Sighting in Corona, California on June 21st 2015 – A slow moving,very low flying (less than 80 ft) 150 ft. distance away, dark colored object was seen by many in the daylight and blue skies.

My neighbors and I were sitting on the grass in the park area located behind our homes, playing with our dogs and chatting. It was early evening and the sun had not set yet and the sky was clear and blue. I clearly saw a slow, very low flying dark colored object headed our way.I first saw it approaching the corner light pole about 250 ft from where we were sitting. The altitude of the object caught my attention. A dark colored mylar balloon probably.
Then I observed the level flight path as it came into full view Not a balloon
The appearance was very hard to judge it seemed to be changing and blurry.
It flew behind the tall palm tree 150 ft. distance away and the palm frons
blocked our vision for 4 to 5 seconds. We were all scratching our heads now saying to each other “What the ‘H’ is that ?” The object made a slow arching turn around the larger trees in the park area to the south and began to ascend. I picked a stationary spot to focus on as not to lose it in the sky as it ascended for 2 to 3 minutes to the south. It was silent.

The object itself appeared to be 2 to 3 ft. round, oblong. shiny dark brown
but hard to look at because of its changing form, and it was blurred.
My reaction and of my neighbors who witnessed the event also is one of
Well I guess we all saw a UFO because we cannot Identify what the flying object was..we know what it wasn’t.

I’m sure we are all waiting for a rational explanation that is going to satisfy us logic based species. but sometimes there just isn’t one !
But it sure makes life interesting Huh?

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