UFO Sighting in Decatur, Georgia on August 1st 1968 – Before my mother died I ask did we see the same thing. Yes was the answer. We saw a disc with lights hovering over the intersection. I’t took off at high speed and 2 more joined it then all 3 went different directions

My family was on our way home from property my Pops bought. I rode in the front seat with my parents because of motion sickness. My mother said look as we Sat at the red light. It was a bad angle looking up and to the right so nobody else in the car could see. We saw a disc shaped object with lights around the perimeter. I think they were red,blue and white. It’s been almost 50 years ago so my memory has faded. I remember it was almost dark and as we watched the disc it took off at a high rate of speed. No noise present during this time. It went far away and super fast. Then 2 more joined and then all 3 went different directions out of sight. I’d like to add that we did not speak of this until just before my mother died. I felt that I had to ask her to be sure that this happened. Her description was exactly what I remember. I told my Brother after speaking with my mother and it all got bigger. He ask me if I remembered the lights in the woods when we were little boys. I said I remember my mother being made fun of because she called my grandmother freaking out about the lights in the woods. Then my Brother said do you remember that we went in the woods for a look.Boom like a ton of bricks my memory came back. Tears are in my eyes just thinking about it. We discussed it and agreed on what we saw. A disc shaped object with a ring of white light similar to a sidewalk around it. There were human like creatures walking on the ring. I was so afraid they might see us. Then I don’t remember anything. I have had bad dreams my whole life. This dream happened countless times when I was younger, mostly before age 10.We left windows open during the summer in the south. So in the dream I see this bird like mechanical thing fly in through the window. Instantly I think it is watching me and reporting what it sees.I have other dreams that include humans hanging upside down in bags. They have humans in charge and you had to have an ID card to leave the facility. I’m thinking that whoever reads this will laugh and say here is another nut case.

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