UFO Sighting in Middletown, Kentucky on August 31st 1965 – My friend and I encountered this cigar shaped ufo walking home through a field

In 1965 I was 11 years old and living in Middletown (Woodland Hills) KY.
My friend and I had run over to Eastern High School from our elementary school (Jane Hite) to give her brother a message.

There was a wooded area between the two schools and a field. I remember us walking into the wooded area and the next thing I remember is walking in the open field with her a few feet behind. She all of a sudden started screaming and when I turned around to see what happened she was pointing up. I looked up and there it was this huge cigar shaped object with windows running its length. It made no sound. It was gray and the windows were dark. I was unable to see anything inside. I turned to her to say stop screaming and when I looked back up it was miles away and I could only see the back of it and then it disappeared.

We ran home as fast as we could. She to her home and me to mine. When I got in the house my mother could see that I was very upset and I told her what happened.

I do not recall if it was the same day or the next that a man showed up at our home in a military uniform (Air Force) and identified himself to my mother and said he was with operation Blue Book. (I recall my friend telling me her father was in the military.) I’m not sure what all there conversation was about but, she told me to go with him as they had some questions for me and my friend.

As I walked to his car my friend was already in the back seat. After we were in the car he gave us the rules. We were not allowed to talk to each other and in a little while he would ask us to close our eyes and put our heads down and not open them until he said so. If we didn’t think we could do this he said he had blind folds for us to wear. We told him we did not need the blind folds.

Perhaps it was 30 minutes later when he told us to close our eyes and put our heads down. With in 10 minutes or so he stopped and spoke to someone and continued on for a few more minutes. I believe we had stopped at some sort of gate and were let in. He then came to a complete stop and instructed us to get out of the car where we entered a single door and another man in uniform was waiting. He took my friend and we were separated at this point.

I was taken into a small room and he got me a soda. He then started to ask me questions about what happened and what I saw. He asked me if I knew what a blimp was and I said yes I had seen one at the Texas State Fair. He was taking notes and I believe there was a tape recorder as he asked me to speak up a couple of times. He then pulled out some paper and asked me to draw what I saw. I did. He then took my drawing and left the room for several minutes.

When he returned he had a picture album and asked me if any of the pictures looked like what I saw. There it was the exact same object we had encountered. A few minutes later my friend an I were taken back to the car with all the same rules in place. No talking, eyes closed and heads down. After a few minutes we were allowed to look out the windows of the car and I was taken home first.

Upon arriving home he walked me to the door and spoke to my mother. He asked if he could speak to her alone and I pretended to go to my room. My mother asked him what happened and his reply was that we identified the same object and they believe we were telling the truth. He then cautioned her that we should probably not share what happened with anyone. People might think I was lying or crazy. My mother’s response (We both know it truly happened!)

I never saw my friend again. I always assumed she moved.

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