UFO Sighting in new symerna beach, Florida on July 14th 1978 – daytime light fell from space.orb like flashing very fast and moving in a zigzag patern back and forth across the sky super fast right in front of us with lots of people seeing to over 100.lasted 40mn then 2 jet fighters flew in from the south breakisound

it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon very sunny day no clouds in the sky. my friend and I and older next door neighbor we’re walking to the beach. as we walk along the boardwalk in the sand dunes as soon as we saw the ocean,, about 10 or 12 or more lights ascended down from space. they began zigzagging across the sky extremely fast faster than anything ever. they were pulsating flashing and zig zagging. we watch this for 35 minutes or more with hundreds of people on the beach watching it as well. then about that time, 2 jet fighters flew in from the south breaking the sound barrier.that was the first time I had ever seen a jet breaking the sound barrier in real life. as soon as the Jets got to the location generally of the lights, the lights shot straight up in to space seemingly. as we follow the lights up, we see another object this one is very big and is right over top of us. it seems to be camouflage or cloaked with 3 red lights on each in of the triangular shaped craft.while we are looking straight up at this object, the military jets are flying around in circles trying to track the objects that had shot straight up into space. this lasted a good 45 minutes. daytime absolutely clear sky. the triangular shaped object seem too high for the Jets to get too.then the objects seemingly faded away into the distance until we couldn’t see it anymore it was very big.

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