UFO Sighting in Salinas, California on August 18th 1984 – Big vehicle came flying and stud on top of me my companion were hiding under the trees.

I was in the army military camp on hard duty with a unit of a National Guard soddenlly we saw this light coming from the top of the maintain we hide in the trees thinking that it was a hellicopter but the big thing came on top of us and studd there then I came out and begin to cheek the object to see if I recognize it but the thing has no windows I could see the metal like silver all lights around and in the middle in the center of the object was a big white been that was on top of me I walk around covering mi ages because the light won’t let me see I call my friends but they were afraid I was with my rifle but I wave to them that I was not going to fire to them the thing was making a sound like bees I wave to them to come down but they stud there suthenly they went straight up at a speed that no plane of this world never had a dissapeared then we call to raar control to check if they notice something and was negative then we all new it was a U F O

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