Germany`s Supreme Court Orders Release of UFO Study

Germany`s Supreme Court Orders Release of UFO Study

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT :Bundestag will issue UFO documents

By Werner Pluta

What does the Bundestag have on extraterrestrial life?
It must now disclose – as any other documents that its service created.

    Are there any flying saucers in Germany? Good Question. After all, the scientific services of the Bundestag has dealt with the subject – and has to make its findings available to the public. That the Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) in Leipzig decided.

The court ruled on June 25, 2015 , the Bundestag is an information requiring authority. Therefore applies the Freedom of Information Act, which grants citizens the right of access to official information. The creation of documents by a service of the Bundestag is therefore an administrative act. In this respect there was a claim for access to documents that started the scientific services and language services. The Federal Administrative Court therefore annulled decisions of the Bundestag and the Higher Administrative Court in Berlin. . . .

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