UFO Sighting in Galena Park, Texas on October 10th 1971 – Shaped like the bottom of a boat or football

Well, I was about thirteen years old. Regular Saturday morning going to the neighbor park down the street. It was a unusual morning cause of the silence and nobody was around. Anyway, I arrived at the park with my BB gun looking for owls. I know, that’s what I did as a kid. So, I’m looking through the trees and see an object sitting on top of a very high tree. What’s so weird is this object was sitting on middle top which no way could support the weight on anything that looks like that. So I take aim and thought about shooting it. But once I really looked at it, I couldn’t figure out what it could be. So I waited for someone to show up. After about 20 minutes , I decided to go and find a witness, but as soon as I went around the first house, I thought it would not be there when I returned. So I came back. That’s when I became afraid. The object was gone, didn’t hear it leave, but now I here the insects and birds even the wind blowing again. Of course no one ever believed me. But it’s a true story, just wanted to share this with you guys for some possible feedback. Thanks

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