UFO Sighting in LaFayette, New York on July 15th 2012 – very bright very scary i felt like i had to watch it.

it was about 2:30 am and my mom woke me up to come see the meteorite shower. so i went out on to the back porch and was watching the shower. then i saw one meteorite that really stuck out to me. it glowed VERY bright and was moving at a different pace then the other meteorites. it was moving in the same direction the whole time until it came to the peak of the hills that are way out in my backyard. it had to be many miles away from where i was sitting. it stopped. right above the peak of the hills. and it stayed there. as i was watching it i started to realize what it was. a UFO. my other family members weren’t paying attention to the UFO. i had watched this object for about 5 minutes and then it just flew straight up into the sky and i completely lost sight of it. the thing is, when it flew away i felt as though i had been released. i mean I’ve watched UFO stories before and i was scared. i was really scared.

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