UFO Sighting in Newark, Delaware on October 25th 2013 – object moved slowly and changed rotated 90 degrees

This object first appeared cigar shaped approx the size of a midsize building, 200+ft in length. Moving slower than the speed required to keep man-made aircraft aloft. While it continued it’s forward movement the nose of the craft rotated 90 degrees downward pointing directly at the ground and the tail end rotated 90 degrees upward. Basically the entire craft rotated 90 degrees without changing course or speed. Very very large craft and definitely not man made. I grew up and lived near a military base for 33 years and know a lot about aircraft and their capabilities. Not even an osprey or harrier could maneuver this way without changing speed. It looked like a skyscraper laying on its side until it rotated. Was in a car being driven by my mother who also witnessed this. Believing we’re not alone is one thing, seeing it first hand was unforgettable and alarming. I would be more than happy to attempt sketching the craft if mufon would find it helpful

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