Ancient remains on Mars: Head of animal figure with horns and other strange anomalies

The latest image captured by Opportunity mars rover shows a rock formation that hides some remarkable objects.

Without doubt some of the objects are just rocks but there also objects where you can put a question mark how it ended up there.

Below I have marked the objects in the original image.

To see the first three objects, I have put the images upside down.
1. Large image upside down shows a head of an animal figure with horns, probably remains of an ancient statue.
2. Large image upside down shows a rock that looks like a sinister head.
3. Large image upside down shows a head and corpse of an animal like a deer/antelope. It looks like the animal died recently.
4. Image shows a small statue of an animal figure.
5. Image shows a face carved into a rock.

Link original image:

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