Alien abductions, Alien threat to security of US

On Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project page is a link (…troduction.pdf)
to a PDF document entitled Special Presidential Briefing for President Barack Obama. On page 5 of this document Greer talks about an “orchestrated disinformation” campaign to convince the American public that Aliens are a threat to the security of the United States. Here is a direct quote from page 5: “The objective of such a false flag operation is the creation of an enemy in space that would unite the world behind a global military power against such an ‘alien threat’. President Reagan and other leaders have been targeted with such disinformation, which is designed to secure their silence or cooperation with the agenda of secrecy and space weaponization.”
This document (same page) claims that alien abductions are carried out by paramilitary (US) units: “These creatures (Programmed Life Forms), used in conjunction with ARVs, have convincingly launched the pop culture fervor over ‘alien abductions’. Victims of such paramilitary human-controlled abductions genuinely believe that they have been abducted by ‘aliens’ and often have physical stigmata and ‘implants’ to prove it. These implants are also manmade and we have information about the laboratory and corporation making these items.“

What is the real truth about UFOs/ET? I am beginning to believe that there is so much disinformation on this subject that the truth will never be known, certainly not from the secret cabal (headed by the CIA, no doubt) that keeps a clamp on all information related to this subject.

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