Alien Encounter in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 14th 1964 – Was awoken in middle of the night by something that came into my bedroom, I couldn’t move in fear, and on it’s way out reached over my Grandmother who was staying over and touched me on my neck with 3 fingers. I passed out in fear.

Recently I have started to realize that an incident that occurred when I was only about 15 years of age might have been an alien form rather than a ghost as I was told it might have been. Watching Hangar 1 as I have, now and then, it started to make more sense that it well could have been an ET.

I was asleep in my bedroom and it was approximately 3 or 4am in the morning. The room was dark with only a little light coming from my bedroom window that was at the foot of my bed near my dresser. You could still see furniture outlines in the room so I could see shapes.

I was awoken by the sound of someone trying to open the front door which was near my bedroom door but then I realized that all my family was home already and asleep. It was then fright came up as I realized this was an intruder. It was raining outside so I could hear the rain too. I listened to see if perhaps I was just hearing things but then the doorknob actually opened the door which was terrifying to me as it’s always locked. The person came in and I heard the door gently close and then I heard footsteps walking towards my bedroom door. I knew the sounds of the floor as they were wood and had squeaks here and there and this was authentic, I knew the squeaks.

All of a sudden I heard the steps stop and I realized the person had stopped at the door to my bedroom and was just standing there looking in for a few seconds. It was then that I realized that I couldn’t move. I was frozen. I was lying on my right side facing the wall which was right up against my side of the bed. My Grandmother was sleeping with me because she was visiting from another city and my bed was the only large one – enough to accomodate another person. She was lying on the outside of the bed right next to the door.

The person then entered the room and although I couldn’t move I could move my eyes and when the person passed towards the foot of the bed I could see a tall humanlike form which I thought was a male but now that I think of it I don’t think it was altogether human, I will explain in a bit.

The person stopped before proceeding into the room completely and was standing looking in my direction right at the head of the bed. I don’t know how I didn’t pass out then in fright. My Grandmother did not wake up or move. Then the person walked ahead to where my dresser was, near the window at the foot of the bed, and seemed to open something that sounded like a face cream jar that was half full – a very hollow sound. I don’t know if it took something from my dresser or put something in it. No idea.

Then the person was apparently done doing whatever it did and started to walk back towards the door of my room. To my horror it stopped again near where our heads were, I was still frozen, and the next thing I knew I could feel the thing’s arm coming over and it touched me on the left side of my neck which was exposed as I was lying on my right side. I could feel that it was touching my neck with 3 fingers only and at the time, and I still think so, it was a thumb and 2 fingers but it could have been just 3 finters. I didn’t feel warmth and now I am thinking it was more of a reptile kind of touch but not sure. I do know that the thing was very tall and the more I think about it, must have been tall because I was in a queensized bed, was far to the extreme right side of the bed plus my Grandmother was between me and the thing. It had to reach over her and all across the width of that bed to be able to touch my neck like that. I passed out in fear.

When I woke up from that I screamed, knowing it was not a dream and awoke my family to tell them. They said that it was raining and that if someone had come in there would be water in the front porch and in the hall but I instinctively knew that there would not be a trace. And there wasnt.

To this day and I am into my 60ties now I still on occasion sleep with the overs over my neck as the feeling of that touch still haunts me.

I have to say that while living in that same house I did have a couple of other incidents that were strange and now I wonder if it was all connected or not. The one that stands out is that, and I don’t know if this happened around the same time as this entity appeared or was much earlier or later but one night I was awoken about the same time of the night 3 or 4 am to that same bedroom where I saw the entity by my room totally lit up. It was like a snow blower city machine was shining it’s flood lights into my bedroom window. It was mid July I think so snow was out. I got up and went to my window and t he yard was totally lit up too with light but there was no sign of where it was coming from. However I can’t remember looking up. I might have looked up but I have no memory of that at all. I can see the yard and grass and big tree that was in front of my window and it was all lit up in white white light but that was it. Something tells me I did look up but there is zero memory of it. I only mention this because of the entity that was in my room on another night. I am sure it wasn’t the same night though as when I saw the entity because my Grandmother was not in the room with me for sure.

I have always been open minded to UFOs and most other things like that but I was not immersed in the topic at all – this all just happened out of the blue. However after watching Hangar 1 it seems to be opening ideas that I had not though about before like the entity perhaps having touched me for a purpose. I sure hope it’s not some way of following me throughout my life. I have had poor health since about 1990 but up til then I was healthy. There were no marks on my neck from being touched. The only medical thing that is a little strange perhaps is that I was diagnosed with cancer years later, many years later, and the issues were all along my left side. It might of course just be a coincidence.

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