Black Triangle Sighting in Kings Mountain, North Carolina on June 29th 2015 – on the way home on hiway 74 at the moss lake exit, bserved triangle shape hovering over what appeared to be the forest behind my home. by the time i got in my driveway it was gone of lights hovering over the forest behind my home,

On my way home from band rehearsal , my friend nick Valceanu, was visiting from Indiana, and as we approached the exit on highway 74, the exit that is right at my we approached the exit we observed three distinct bright lights..larger than a plane , blimp, helicopter etc..

The object was an enourmas triangulr craft…dark exce[pt for the bright lights on the tips…
it appeared to be just hovering over the forest behind my the time we pulled into my drive way it was gone…
i ran in and told my wife to hurry outside,
together she, myself and my friend Nick scanned the sky for any more sight of it.
That was when we noticed the round pulsating orb just to the right of the moon..the moon was very bright and we could distinctly see the orb spinning and changing colors.
It was also stationary.
We also observed many planes and helicopters in the skies..more than usual at least.
I posted the question on face book “Did anyone else see something strange in the skies over kings mountain last night?”
and was immediately bombarded with comments from people as far away as Kansas saying they also saw the traingle shaped was enormous.
The news this morning also had a piece on it and they were reporting that it was a meteor or space junk…
I know what a meteor and space junk looks like…it was not that.
And someone also said it was venus and mars being visible..if that was it then we should have still been able to see venus and mars after the object disappeared.
I know what I friend Nick knows what he saw as well
it was a huge triangle shaped craft that was hovering…just sitting there.
I wish i had my camera at the time..I would have taken so many shots of it.
By the time we arrived at my home,from the exit is less than half a mile form my home
I was ecstatic to see another triangle in the sky..the last time i saw something like this I was a child age 15..never forgot that.

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