UFO Sighting in Clifton Forge, Virginia on June 28th 2015 – strange craft seen with irregular light pattern traveling at high altitudes

I was at home messaging a friend. when I spelled a word wrong and the auto correct filled in UFO. I don’t believe in coincidence so I went out side and finished the message to my friend. I remember I was standing there for a few minutes observing the sky as I always do. The next thing I know know I’m staring at a strange white light that has a steady shine and three more lights of red blue and green flashing in a pattern. imedatly I start to think I wish I had a good camera. my scientific mind tells me go through all the aircraft I know of and this didn’t fit. I watched it fly at a high altitude in a east to west flight path. traveling faster than a normal jet at this altitude. after the craft left my line of sight I saw an airplane traveling the same direction east to west on a parallel flight path not the same path. I to watched this airplane and observed it. it had clear indicator lights and look like one of the many commercial jets I see on a regular basis. the plane took about an extra 30 seconds to cross the sky from my POV on the ground. I regret I live likedtooseconds longer. this event only reinforces my belief the universe is to large for us to be alone. there are no coincidences and I was ment to see what I saw and make a report for the worlds behalf. we are not alone. but we are not ready.

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