UFO Sighting in Montreal, Quebec on June 28th 2015 – it looked like a sideways oval hovering just under the clouds, it Descended and then it Ascended quickly into the clouds

My boyfriend and I were on our way home from band practice. My boyfriend was driving on the highway and I’m as usual looking out the window and up at the sky, because I was wondering how many stars were out. I notice that in one part of the sky is all cloudy but like a misty kind of cloud dark thick clouds because I couldn’t see through them at all. Just under and to the left I notice lights, yellow and green. The object seemed to hover and sort of bob up and down slightly. And as soon as I said “OMG! WHAT THE F#%@ IS THAT! It descended a little bit and quickly ascended as if they heard me and noticed that I noticed them, that’s the feeling I got. Like they didn’t want me to see them. The whole time I’m seeing this I was trying to tell my boyfriend about this, but I’m not sure he believes me. I’ll send you a picture on a map exactly where I saw what I STRONGLY believe to be a UFO. After it disappeared the rest of the way home I just wanted to tell everybody what I saw, however when I actually got home for some reason I didn’t say anything else about it until this morning.

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