UFO Sighting in Cary, North Carolina on June 26th 2015 – Star like object. Bright, unwavering, exhibiting some non ballistic motion.

I had left the house and was placing items into my car when I spotted the object through a gap in the trees. It had a star like appearance and was moving slowly on an approximate south to north path approximately 35 degrees above the horizon. it had the same approximate brightness as a nearby star which I believe to have been Jupiter. I mistook it for the ISS as first but realized that the object was accelerating. I lost sight of the object very quickly behind the treeline.
A few seconds later I observed what appeared to be a commercial flight appearing above the lowest part of the treeline just behind the house to the east, as it took off from the nearby airport. It was coming directly toward me and I could clearly see the landing lights, then a few seconds later the navigation lights were visible, very distinct from any characteristics of the object that caught my attention. The aircraft passed directly in the overhead and as I looked back to the gap in the treeline the object reappeared from behind the trees moving north to south this time, straight and level. I immediately took my cellphone from my pocket and began to record. By the time I had gotten the phone ready, the object had travelled across my sight line almost behind the trees on the left but it stopped and hovered, then descended with a zig zag motion, until it disappeared from sight behind the trees again. I watched the immediate area for about another 5 minutes but was not able to reacquire the object. There was no sound that I could immediately associate with the object and its maneuvering during the sighting.

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