UFO Sighting in Palm Beach, Florida on March 15th 1970 – I observed a UFO suddenly appear a hundred feet off the beach near Palm Beach when I was there on March Break I observe this craft submerge into the ocean and leave a light trail as it shot out to see under the water

I was visiting Florida east coast during March Break back in 1970 when I witnessed a spacecraft suddenly appear a hundred feet from the shore when I was walking in the beach at 10 o’clock at night with my friend we had just arrived by Winnebago from Ontario Canada for March Break we witnessed this craft hover over the water the lights were so intense that when they crossed our path we could only see our bone structure when we looked upon each other this craft hovered for some time and then it shot out to sea under the water towards the Bermuda Triangle when my friend and I return to the Winnebago where his parents were waiting my friend’s mother started to scream and cry because we were both burnt red through our clothes and she applied Noxema to us the whole time saying she promised my mother that she would keep sunscreen on me while I was in the Sun we had not being in the Sun for two and a half days driving in a Winnebago we also thought we were gone for 20 to 30 minutes and we have been gone for an hour and a half I have been reluctant to share the story for many years but after seeing some shows on TV from MUFON I decided that I would share my experience it has changed my life in many ways

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