UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on June 30th 2015 – watched it travel north, stopped left of big dipper, flashed 3 times and a lighter flash next to the brighter one then no longer viewable

Was laying on the ground watching the sky with a friend. Light approaches from se of big dipper moving fast. It stopped east of the big dipper and flashed 3 times and a dimmer flash, flashed next to the object I watched approached.
I also seen a light as bright as the north star traveling south at a steady speed that me and my friend witnessed and as I was pointing it out to her we both watched the light dim down at a slow pace till it was Faint but was able to still watch it counting in its path (Weird).

I just would like to have someone contact me from Mufon. My first encounter was around 2010 in Eaglecrest, Or, when a larger triangle craft (had to be like 2 football fields long) and appeared to look like it was cloaking but the outline was clear as day cruised directly over me n my wife while on vacation quietly with a airplane nearby that we could hear.. If we wasn’t looking up we would have never even seen it. It took me a day to report to the police because it was unbelievable but yes both occasions I do have witnesses that can vouch and that report I made. But to this day my wife still doesn’t like to talk about it because she thinks people going think she’s crazy Smh but she admits to seeing it (she ran in the house and slammed the door close on me leaving me outside alone because it scared her that much). Sorry for going on and on but this is my first time on y’all site and I’m personally tired of living in the dark when I know and have seen for myself that there are things alot bigger than what we know as life go in on. Plz respond back

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