Daily UFO Headlines 6/29/2015

Black ‘flying saucer’ UFO is pictured hovering over Stonehenge – Metro News UFO sighted in Richfield – Stanly News and Press World UFO Day 2015: Why do people believe in unidentified flying objects, aliens and abductions? – International Business Times Roswell’s alien invasion: UFO Festival fun for all – Albuquerque Journal NASA Cuts Signal To […]

Supreme court forces German parliament to release report on UFOs

Leipzig (Germany) – After years of law suits, the Federal Administrative Supreme court of Germany forces the administration of the German Parliament – the Bundestag – to release and give public access to a report on “UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and Germany’s implementation UN-Resolution A/33/426″ (that asked its member states to conduct official […]

Denice Marcel – Roswell’s Legacy – June 29, 2015

Open Minds UFO Radio: Denice Marcel is the granddaughter of Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 who was the first person from the military to handle the debris found in the desert outside of Roswell which some believe was an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Denice’s father, Jesse Marcel Jr., also […]

Daily UFO Headlines 6/30/2015

UFO spotted at Blur gig in Hyde Park as concert-goer records Parklife on mobile phone – Mirror Online ‘Watt’s World’: Looking for UFOs in Campfires on Mt. Shasta – ABC News Here’s what’s REALLY happening in that Space Station UFO video – Metro Online Did a ‘UFO’ fly over North Carolina this morning? – My […]

Google’s Driverless Cars Are Cruising the Streets of California

Some say they look like koalas. Others say they’re the smiling face of the future. And if you live in California, you’re already sharing the road with them. Google had told the world that its line of itty-bitty self-driving vehicles was poised to hit the roads in summer. Well, they’re here. Last week, a few […]

A Monster Movie Nailed South Korea’s MERS Problem

Anyone trying to understand South Korea’s struggle with the MERS virus outbreak should take a look at a Korean monster movie called “The Host” from 2006. “The Host” doesn’t actually predict South Korea’s outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome almost a decade ahead of time. But the film does paint a familiar picture of South Korean society’s crisis in confidence stemming from the outbreak of a terrifying […]

UFO Sighting in Palm Beach, Florida on March 15th 1970 – I observed a UFO suddenly appear a hundred feet off the beach near Palm Beach when I was there on March Break I observe this craft submerge into the ocean and leave a light trail as it shot out to see under the water

I was visiting Florida east coast during March Break back in 1970 when I witnessed a spacecraft suddenly appear a hundred feet from the shore when I was walking in the beach at 10 o’clock at night with my friend we had just arrived by Winnebago from Ontario Canada for March Break we witnessed this […]