Alien Encounter in Buffalo, Texas on October 15th 2000 – Missing time:

I got off work at about 6 am and it normally takes about 35 minutes to get home. About 10 minutes from home on a dark country road. It was still dark outside, when I there was something off to my right in the east out of the corner of my eye. When I suddenly found myself about 1 mile down the road from where I was, and the sun coming up which didn’t occur until 7:15 ish. The sun wasn’t up yet but when I got home the sun was fully over the horizon.

I felt like something happened, but I could not and still cannot remember what happened. I was initially frightened, from being farther down the road than I was before and the sky going from black to daylight. But I also felt like what ever happened wasn’t dangerous and was benevolent.

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