Alien Encounter in Nevada, Missouri on May 31st 1966 – Abducted at age 11 along with my mother in 1966

Beginning about age five I developed a need, which soon became a compulsive need, to visually check all four corners of my bedroom before I could turn off the light and go to sleep. This need was the same even when we moved to a new house. I don’t know what I expected to see, or what I was afraid would be there, but I absolutely had to check the corners before I could relax and go to sleep. As a child I was never afraid of the common childhood scary things. I was not afraid of an ���under the bed monster��� or ���the closet monster���, the corners of my bedroom drew my concern.

In the summer of 1966 I was eleven years old. I lived with my Mother, a single working Mom, in the city of Nevada, MO, a town of about 10,000 people. We had a large older home situated on the corner of a typical four way intersection in a neighborhood of similar homes. It was just my Mother and I in the four bedroom home.
I am unsure of the exact date but at some point during the summer vacation from school, I began waking up each night from a sound sleep to the same mental image. I would not be dreaming about the image prior to waking. During those brief moments between sleep state and being awake, the moments when you know you have been asleep and you know you are waking up but are not fully awake, that collection of brief moments would always be the same. I would have a vividly clear image of hugging a smooth, white, warm, cylindrical object that was emitting a pulsating energy of some sort. The pulsating was on for 1 �� seconds and off for the same amount of time. I would hear but more so feel a humming during the pulsations. The energy emitting from the object had no noticeable effect on me. There was no electrical shock or tingly feeling. No real feeling at all yet I was certain it was emitting energy of some sort. I do not know why I felt it was emitting energy but it was certain to me that it was doing so. I would be sitting beside this object with my arms stretched out and wrapped against it. It was about four feet tall and probably five feet in diameter. Every night I would awaken to this mental image. As soon as I was fully awake the image would go away and I was able to go back to sleep. At first it was puzzling and confusing as to why this was happening. After a few months of this it became frustrating. After eight or nine months of waking to this every night I became quite angry about it. After what was probably a year of waking to this mental image every night I awakened this night, as usual, but instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I sat up on the edge of my bed, feet on the floor, and rested my hands on my knees. I stared at the floor just in front of my feet and tried to figure out why this was happening and what this object was and where had I seen it. I had become quite angry with the situation. In my mind I screamed ���what is this and why do I keep seeing it���? The memory that unfolded to me that night was as clear and vivid as any memory I have. It was not a dream. It was not an eleven year old boy���s imagination. It was shockingly real and unfolded as follows:

I woke up in my bed, unsure of the time but it was dark. I raised my head just enough to see four creatures coming towards my bed. One came from each corner of my bedroom. They were about four feet tall and even though it was dark there was enough moonlight coming in my windows I could tell they did not look like regular people. The next thing I remember is being carried above their heads across our front lawn, over the curb and into the street. I could not feel their hands but also did not feel as though I was laying on anything. There was a very thick fog all around and a bright white light was reflecting off the fog and the intersection was extremely lit up. I could see just enough of the front of a house to recognize it as the house across the street from ours. I was being carried to the intersection on our corner. I looked to my left and saw my Mother being carried in the same manner. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asleep. I felt sedated but at the same time I knew this was actually happening. I felt no fear and no need to struggle to free myself. In the center of the intersection sat a craft. It was perhaps thirty feet in diameter and was saucer shaped. It was probably ten to twelve feet from top to bottom at the center angling to eight or ten inches at it���s rounded edges. It was standing on three legs that appeared to unfold from the bottom. There was a hatch that folded down to form a ramp. I remembered thinking it was odd that they parked in the middle of the intersection. What if a car came along and hit it? What if a neighbor looked out the window and saw it? I know it���s hard to believe but these were my only thoughts about the situation I had found myself and my Mother in. I should have been terrified. I should have been trying to get free and run away or something. I can only attribute it to the sedation.
I do not remember being carried into the craft. I next woke up sitting on the floor in a circular room that appeared to be the same diameter as the craft I had seen in the intersection. The room was about seven feet high. I do not know if there were other levels above or below. It was white and well lit although it was not apparent where the light was coming from. The walls of the room angled to a small height just as the exterior of the craft had. The inside of the room seemed very plain and devoid of knobs and switches and gauges compared to the pictures I had seen of the Gemini Space Capsules our astronauts flew in. Across from me was a counter a few feet above the floor and above the counter was what appeared to be cabinets.
I had the feeling I had just stopped crying. I looked up and a creature was kneeling down in front of me. She was about four feet tall with gray weathered looking skin. Her hairless head was too large for her body. She had very little muscle mass. She had large black almond shaped eyes and practically no nose and a slit for a mouth maybe two inches wide. She fit, perfectly, the description of a gray alien but it would be close to twenty years before I heard the term or saw an artist���s rendition of one. She asked me ���Are you alright now���? Even though she did not actually say the words, I heard them perfectly. I could hear the sound of her voice in my head and there was no noticeable accent. At age eleven I was not familiar with the term ���telepathic���. I answered her with ���Yes���. She smiled a tiny smile and I found her to be very comforting. I should have been terrified but I was not. I should have been full of questions but I felt no need to be so. Again, I can only attribute that to being sedated.

I heard my Mother making a sound she made whenever she was very scared. I looked to my left across the room and I saw her lying on a table with four or five creatures surrounding the table. I could not see what they were doing to her. They all looked like the creature kneeling in front of me. I said ���They are hurting my Mom���. She said ���No, they���re not. She thinks they are but she will be fine���. I said ���Well, she doesn���t like that���. The creature in front of me smiled that tiny smile again and said ���No, she doesn���t like it but she will be fine���. She again asked me was I alright now and I responded yes, I am. With that she stood up and walked four or five steps across the room and sat on a type of chair or stool and began doing something with a small device on the counter in front of her. I have no idea what the device was or what she was doing with it. In 1966 a basic computer filled a large room and I had no concept of today���s PC or laptop. I felt the need to go back to sleep so I leaned against an object to my immediate left. It was a cylindrical object about four feet tall and five feet in diameter. It was white and warm. I stretched my arms out and placed them against it as well as the side of my face. It was pulsating and emitted a hum and I could feel a type of energy emitting from it. I went to sleep. I have no memory of being examined or how I got back into my home.

After this memory unfolded before me that night I felt relief that I finally knew what I had been waking up to every night. I accepted the fact that this had actually happened to me and my Mother. I cannot understand why I did not find the experience frightening or why I felt no need to ask any questions about who these creatures were and what did they want from us. I can only attribute it to being sedated. In no way do I feel this experience negatively impacted my life. If anything, I feel the opposite. I say that because I do not have to wonder if reports of UFO���S are real or not. I do not have to try and keep an open mind about reports of abductions. I know they are real and I have honestly been aboard at least one craft.

I do often wonder why I started feeling the need to check the corners of my bedroom many years before the abduction occurred. I cannot see it as a precognitive situation. Had I been abducted earlier and simply have no memory of the event? Why can I remember the one abduction and not any other(s)? I do not wake up nightly to the humming and feeling of pulsating energy from ���the object��� anymore, that stopped the night the memory came to me, but I do still need to check the corners of whatever room I am sleeping in.

I only discussed this event with my Mother one time a few years before her death. (I did not discuss it with her as a child because I was afraid if she had no memory of it she would not react well to hearing her son say he had been in a flying saucer.) I asked her if she had any memory of being carried out of our house one night in Nevada, MO. She got a panicked look on her face and said she had made peace with it by convincing herself it was just a bad dream and wanted to leave it that way. I respected her wishes and made no further mention of it.

I am submitting this because I feel the work MUFON does is important and the only way we will ever get to the truth is if people make their experiences known. I give MUFON permission to use the description of this event in whatever manner they see fit. I give MUFON permission to contact me if they wish to do so. I do not want my name or contact info to be made public.

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