UFO Sighting in Alexandria, Louisiana on September 16th 2013 – some saturn like system with objects suspended around center

I was driving from Vidalia, La. West toward Alexandria La. somewhere in the time frame of 3pm when I left Vidalia. The highway was 2 lane and very few vehicles were traveling the road. I noticed two jet trails in the west that were very odd. There were jets going different directions and their trails would dissapate. The two I was watching remained the same, always the same width, length, and angle. Other jets were flying this way, that way, and within minutes their vapor trails would dissapate the two of these objects stayed exactly the same. I watched this go on and on as I made my way toward Alexandria. It is a long straight highway, so I was just curious as to what was going on. It’s getting latter in the afternoon, and I’m getting closer to Alexandria when I enter trees on the right side of the highway, when I drive out of the trees, there is a field, now I have a perfect view of one of the objects. It’s not on the ground, but something like tree top high off the ground. In the middle there is a large brown circular object that has dents, or indentions. In a wide ban around the center of the ufo there are other different size brown objects that are the same color and makeup, but not as large. These objects are just motionless, and there is like a grey or brown mass around the entire ufo. It appeared as if the boulder objects were suspended in a spider web looking material. I was really close and extremely scared, I was glad that the highway turned South at this exact time. I was just outside of Alexandria, and in couple of minutes I was in the edge of traffic. I know other people had to have witnessed this but I never heard a word about this from any source. I saw this many other afternoon’s. Too many to put into words, but not one thing was ever said or printed. The last time I saw this thing was probably Dec.2013

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