UFO Sighting in Reno, Nevada on June 27th 2015 – Fleet of orbs irratically moving, appearing, disappearing observed from airplane window

I was on American Airlines flight 166 from Boston to LAx when I observed a group of objects flying effortlessly through the clouds over the desert of what I think was Nevada. My phone was still on Eastern time at the time and reports the time of the photos I took as 3:05 PM so I am sure the flight data would help locate the place where this occurred. I was on the right side of the plane, facing north out of the window when I noticed at least six bright, shining, almost burning orbs in the clouds. Some dipped down behind the clouds. Others rose. They illuminated and cast shadows in the clouds as they moved. I was dumbfounded at first and it took me a few minutes to even thing to get my phone out and record the events. By the time I got my phone out, only three remained. And by the time I thought to switch from still photos to videos only one remained. Three appeared in a formation. others ascended and descended independently. I shot the photos, recorded video, and then the last one faded.

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