UFO Sighting in Southborough, Massachusetts on June 30th 2015 – Was driving looking at the sky and behind a building into a field I saw this strange object

-I was at work driving in Southborough, ma.
-I always look at the sky when I’m outside and I noticed this weird object I’ve never seen before.
-At first I bought it was just a plane. But there was no airport near me at all for it to be visible for a plane.
-it was a orb like object kinda fuzzy and round. Seemed to have a light in the middle of it. It was moving straight slow and then went behind a cloud and all of a sudden started going the completely opposite direction. Planes can’t turn that fast.
-I was in shock and really surprised. I am a firm believer in extraterrestrial and studying biology in school. But I’ve never seen anything like this.
-it ended up going behind another really small cloud and then I never saw it come out from behind the cloud. So I looked around and I found it like 50 feet in front of the cloud. Like it teleported or something. And then I couldn’t see it anymore. It was gone.

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