think ive,been,”Visited” many times

So this is my first time publicly talking about my “Experiences”
In the summer of 2011 I was put in suspended animation one early am morning
I could hear my gf is at the time breathing and sleeping next to me could hear hear relative in the front room snoring ….the only thing I can remember is fighting and trying my hardest to wake up and open my eyes….but I m not sure how long the suspended animation went on for and when it ended I never had a chance to look at a clock….but by my reckoning it went on for at least an hour
Other details I have a Scoop mark on my,right hand and I have a scar that is,circular with five puncture look ke marks found in a circle with one in the center when the wound appeared literally overnight it was a gaping hole that was not infected nor did it,smell bad. it took the most of two months t heal ever since then I feel my inner left thigh where the,aforementioned scar is I’ve felt my leg vibrate its a deep vibration (alien species implant) also just days after my alleged auction I started showing symptoms of morgellons disease …which now is affecting everything from my joints and eyesight to the weirdest shit you can imagine….
So my question for ya’ll is this …based on the few details I can remember do you believe I’ve had a close encounter of the fourth kind?

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