UFO Sighting in Olympia, Washington on July 2nd 2015 – Smaller than a frisbee in my room

First I would like to state that I am a huge believer in ufo/alien encounters. I lived in phoenix when the famous Lights over Phoenix occurred and witnessed it first hand and, to me it just looked out of place for the Phoenix sky line, my first thought was somebody rented stadium lights to maybe have a bar b q on top of south mountain. “Even at the time, i believed in ufo/aliens.” But again I didn’t and don’t think the lights over Phoenix were a ufo.
I was born with a neurological disease nf1, it is a disease that causes tumors to grow on nerves, in 2009, I had a back surgery to remove a tumor. I really liked the neurosurgeon who did the surgery. Then in August of 2013, one of the tumors in my leg was diagnosed as a malignant periphrial nerve sheath tumor a.k.a. Sarcoma cancer. I had a c.t. Scan and an m.r..i done. When i went to the neurosurgeon, “keep in mind, this is a well respected neurosurgeon”
He asked when i had surgery on my left ankle, i told him “ive never had surgery on my left ankle” he started laughing, made me pull down my sock to see if i had a scar, i don’t. Imaging showed two black screws in my ankle. Dont know if they are,what they are,pr where they came from. Anyway the neurosurgeon who tried to take as much of the tumor as he could but it was to little to late…i had to get my leg amputated. The oncologist i was referred to also asked about the screws in my ankle after viewing the image. The reason for my history brings me to last night,my encounter.
I really dont know what time it was, between 130am and maybe 3am. I woke up from a state of sleep where you are just starting to dream. I am wide awake when i wake up, I know 110% I did not dream this. I woke to find a circle on my ceiling above the foot of my bed. It made a chirping noise like a cricket “kinda” accept there were no individual chirps, it was a consant noise. Then i find myself trying to willingly elevate, i dont know why but thats what i did. I tried to call my wife who was sleeping on the couch with my son, but my voice wouldn’t project the volume i needed it to, so i panicked. It was really very scary at that point, and i dont frighten very easily. After 3 or for minutes it just was gone. I didnt see a flight path it took to leave, it was just gone.
On most nights, If i get up to use the bathroom I, put my prosthetic leg on. Last night after this encounter I used my walker to go to the living room to check on my son and wife. They were fine. I wanted to look out the bedroom window but was hesitant. I was thinking to myself what if i was taken, so i started feeling my face for facial hair to see how much growth there was, there wasnt days worth, so i knew i wasnt taken but not convinced, then i remembered that last night “july 1st” was a full moon” so i was hesitant but i looked out the window to see if it was still a full moon and it was.
Theres a couple more things that may or not be relevant to this story, but i will share if i hear from somebody.

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