UFO Sighting in Sierra Vista, Arizona on April 15th 2000 – For several months strange lights danced in the sky above Fort Huachuca Army Intelligence School

This was a sustained phenomenon that occurred for about a year, off and on, between 1999 and 2000 above the Bachelor Enlisted Quarters of the US Army Intelligence school.

In the mornings, we would form up behind the barracks, in the quad, and do physical training (PT). On many mornings, when we looked into the sky as the sun was rising, we could see objects very high up that would reflect the light of the sun along certain parts of their path. When they were in the dark part of the sky, they were invisible, when they were near the rising sun, they were visible. On some mornings we counted dozens of them.

We got the best views when they would fly too close to the barely rising sun. We could tell that they were seed shaped, and extremely high up in the sky. At first we thought that they were shooting stars, but they came in and left at all directions, and the sightings were sustained for many months. We were also able to look closely and see that they did not emit light of their own, but reflected off of the sun. Shortly after sunrise, they would vanish entirely.

We could not see them at night, or in the daytime, but only just as the sun rose.

I made sure that the others present saw the same thing, and they all confirmed that they did. Strange lights in the sky were not uncommon at Ft. Huachuca. People observed many strange lights. We all had Top Secret clearances though, so we never reported these sightings to anyone but each other out of fear of being declared mentally unfit, which would cause us to lose our clearances.

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