UFO Sighting in Gainesville MO, Arkansas on May 29th 2014 – Large spherical “ship” beaming 2 bright lights into wooded area from treetop level

I was driving home from daughter’s graduation in Illinois to my home in Arkansas. Just turned south on hwy 5 near Mo/Ar border, about 5 miles from turn saw 3 deer and what looked like a hawk run/fly in front of my vehicle. Deer are common but not so much birds…didn’t think much until I went around curve into solid white lights to my right.So bright turned my head slightly away. the lights dimmed and retracted to an amazing sight! Off to the right above the tree line was an enormous dark brown almost black “metallic” sphere..as the lights faded I saw very clearly two oval areas ( one vertically over the other )on right side of sphere which was the source of light. About mid center to left of those was another oval area, light tan in color but horizontal which could’ve been some type of observation type window? As lights faded. I saw a “honeycomb” looking pattern within the 2 light oval areas…just then both lights flashed on again,bottom one first then top almost simultaneously maybe half a second difference. Main direction of lights was off road to my right into small wooded area but still bright enough to make me look away. Saw this on off flash 3 times during my encounter..drive by.At first I was in awe and excited with disbelief at what I am seeing, then felt a STRONG desire to get out of the area so sped up and continued my way home.I am not so much worried about people believing me..just curious if anyone else has seen this same type of craft.

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