UFO Sighting in Vernon , British Columbia on June 5th 2015 – saw two lights, one bright white and the other red/orange hovering and making sudden changes in different directions and then disappearing.

We were having dinner ( 7 people ) on the East side of our home and saw lights coming from the East. First was a bright smaller light. It appeared to be either hovering or coming straight at us. It then made a hard right turn and shortly after disappeared. Within seconds from the same spot roughly, another light appeared but was much larger in size and was red/orange. I had a pair of binoculars right beside me so I grabbed them very quickly and focused on the object. There was no solid form and appeared as a circular fuzzy bright red/orange glow. It made a sudden change after either hovering or coming straight at us in the opposite direction of the first light being to the left and was lost over the mountain it had been traveling. This night by the way, was totally clear with no clouds in the sky at all.
A discussion followed with all of us being totally amazed with what we had seen.It was determined that they could not have been stars because of the speed that the lights were traveling. The first light we had thought could have been an aircraft with its landing lights on but there was no reason after it disappeared why we could not see any red or green flashing lights that aircraft display if it was going to an airport. The red/orange light that followed made absolutely no sense at all especially being that I had the binoculars on it.
The next two days reviled that many more people had seen the same exact lights only on the next evening in the next city about 50 Km away. One of the persons had taken a picture and it was bang on what I had seen through the binoculars.

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