Black Triangle Sighting in Romford, on July 1st 2015 – I never knew stars could move thats what I thought it was at first

I saw something in the sky on the evening when we had the heatwave 1st July 2015 11:00pm 11:30pm At first I thought they were 3 bright stars I was just taking in the beauty of the night sky as it was gorgeous evening 10 minutes they were still there I was impressed by how bright they were and thought wow and then went back in to make a cuppa and then I went back outside they were still there. After about 5 mins they started to move slowely, no sound at all. The two back lights went out first and then 10 seconds later the front one disappeared so I waited to see if it was areoplanes because from a distance they usually have bright white aviation lights if moving forwards and towards us. So I also looked out for the flashing aviation red and white or green lights but nothing This was a clear night moon was out and some amazing stars but I never knew they could move like that. It had totally disappeared I did not have a photo shot of this because it was so unexpected and happened so very quickly I was not able to get an image unfortunately. since the event I have been not quite myself since because I’ve never seen anything it that before I have found on the internet something that is very similar to what I have seen.

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