UFO Sighting in Linden, New Jersey on June 29th 2015 – saw wat i thought was a shooting star right after huge aircraft appeared

I was outside smoking a cigarette in front of my building and right bu my house ther is a power plant so i always look at that direction becouse u can see flames shooting up from there factory, well as i was starring i noticed wat looked like to me a shooting star go right over the power plant i thought it was odd for a couple of reasons its color was like a mint green color and also i live in the city we usually cant see stars cus of all the city lights, soon after the “shooting star ” went i saw what i can only describe as aircraft just literally appear it was big ,its shape is so hard to explain becouse i want to say rectangular but it wasnt boxy looking it was eye shaped but not as curved. I dont know how to describe its shape,but it had flashing lights and flew straight slowly like as if it was looking for somthing i ran to follow it cus it went out of my sight wen i turned the corner it was gone , i cant explain so well wat i saw in this manner but i just thought there shuld be a record of some sort of what i saw somewhere

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