UFO Sighting in Peyton, Colorado on July 3rd 2015 – Red orb-like lights with green. Hovered and moved from distance to overhead, Silent.

I was in the backyard grilling food before a July 3rd fireworks display in the Meridian Ranch community of Falcon, CO. It had just turned dark – but with well-defined light contrast between open sky and cloud cover. At 9:15pm (15 minutes prior to the display start time) I saw what appeared to be an unusually neon red/red-orange object directly to the west. I do not recall how the object initially appeared… it seems from my memory like it came out of the cloud cover. The sky was mostly clear by this time – just after a large rain and lightning storm had passed – but there was a distinctly dark area of low level cloud still present in the north-west region of the sky – not too far away from my location. At the southerly edge of this cloud cover is where the object first appeared.

I noticed the object easily because of its bright red lighting against the early night sky. The lights captivated me because they were hard to discern in shape – appearing to at times consist of two very closely positioned red orbs – not like a red light on a typical helicopter or plane. I knew it was not a plane – because it was mainly static in location. It was also on my side of the cloud cover – so not a plane in the distance coming toward me. It was silent as well – no blade noise of any kind in the distance – and the style of hovering was too odd to strike me as a helicopter. I honestly did not know what the object was. The color was somehow more intense against the sky as well – and the lights where larger – not like typical safety lights. The shape seemed to change to some degree – but the distance made it difficult to clearly observe. There was also a green element – perhaps a third light of its own that was clearly a distinct part of the object. The green light seemed to very subtly trail (or elongate) when the object moved horizontally in its opposite direction.

The object was initially moving very slightly while hovering – so not perfectly static – but very close to it. It then drifted a short distance to the north, and then back a little to the south – maybe all within the width of half of a rooftop from my vantage point. It seemed to be only a few miles away – if that. If I were to guess – I would say it was no further west than the area of Black Forest Road and maybe 1 to .5 mile(s) south of the Black Forest tree line.

I knew this was potentially out of the ordinary and became a bit excited by the unusual characteristics. I called through the sliding door to my other two family members to hurry and observe it. Once they arrived – I had them record it with their iPhones – but the lighting was very poor for video capture from this distance. While the three of us observed the object – It seemed to move slightly to the north before it then suddenly descended. It descended straight down vertically – and in an easing manner – but at a decent rate of decent. We lost it for a moment behind neighboring rooftops. We observed it again perhaps 10-20 seconds later, when it appeared a rooftop or two more to the north, and ascended back up to just beneath the low lying cloud layer.

At this time, my family members where commenting on its unusual nature as well, saying it was definitely odd – not ordinary. I should also mention that at this time there was no longer any element of green to the lighting of the object – and I never saw that again during this sighting. Only red – and perhaps now – from memory – a subtle element of white – but mainly red and for the most part – no pulsing or blinking anymore. That was all in the initial part of the observation. The object then moved across our visual field to the north and descended out of view again.

The fireworks display had just started – and we got a little distracted – and my food was needing some attention – so the others opted to go sit in front of the house to watch. I went out ahead of them (leaving the food to grill a few minutes longer) and checked the sky above the house to see if the object was visible. Sure enough – it was hovering stationary at about 75-80 degrees just north of our house – definitely over the neighborhood at this point. I would guess it was maybe 500 ft over head – but hard to tell, not knowing its size. It was below cloud cover though – and that was pretty low (we live at around 7100 ft ��� so clouds are often very low to ground level). It felt as if the object was observing – leading to a brief discussion of perhaps government security presence for the event – but that made no sense. It was a minor event and the object was totally silent. There were moments between fireworks that were completely still/silent – and there was no discernible prop or engine noise at all. The object was also perfectly static ��� all with red lights only ��� perhaps three now visible (from memory). I asked my family to record it again from this perspective. Then the object drifted at moderate speed back out of view to the northwest of my house – more towards the original location and along the westerly underbelly of that cloud layer.

My family stayed to watch the fireworks display – but where kind of silent and distracted. I ran back (into the backyard) to remove the food from the grill quickly – and to keep observing the object in the northwest sky. To my surprise – there where now 2 objects! Both identical in appearance previously described. The second object was further north than the original – which was now hovering static, northwest under the cloud clover – probably just above the southern Black Forest tree line – and east of Black Forest road. The more northerly object was also just under the same cloud cover and seemed to be working in unison with the other object – both appearing to hover in an observation position. I ran upstairs, grabbed my Android phone, and took a photograph of this positioning from my bedroom window. Now of course – I understand why videos and photos are so frustratingly poor most of the time. Phones are not great at night time or distance capture. This required both. Most of us aren’t running around with filters and DSLR cameras with zoom lenses tripods on us – which would really have made my photo and our videos look much more impressive, close, and clear. Visually – these red objects where very clear and painfully obvious in the sky.

I ran out to the front once more – attempting not to neglect my family during the fireworks show – but I couldn’t stay seated long. I did observe one of the objects descend once more – while pointing them out to a passerby on the side walk – and he observed it as well (with another friend) from a vantage point between some roof tops – and thought it very odd also. He flippantly mentioned it being a government drone – but again – to sport bright red lighting would be counter intuitive. And I doubted the government would waste time/money droning our small community event. Plus – they objects appeared to be too large to me – and the colors – with the strange green element originally – nothing conventional seemed to make sense.

I last saw the objects back in their northwest and further north positions – along the west edge of that strip of low, thin cloud layer (the brighter night sky allowed this to be easily discernible). I spent some time watching the grand finale with my family – then returned to find the objects where gone.

This entire event easily spanned 30 minutes – possibly 40. Frustratingly, no one else in the neighborhood appeared to be looking in that direction at all. The fireworks where to the southeast of the community – launched from the golf course club house area – so everyone had been attentively facing the opposite direction in oblivious fashion.

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