UFO Sighting in Traverse City, Michigan on June 4th 2014 – The craft was very low fire like one really big orb, but no sound and lit up everything lake and trees

It was some time in June me my dad and my grandpaw went to Michigan on a fishing trip. We had been their for a few days we have been there several days but it was the first time we had ever seen anything. It was late one night about 1 in the morning me and my dad was walking out on the dock we were out there for several min when we seen something that looked star light we really thought it was a star but as we were looking the light went left then right but it wasn’t slowly it was there and a snap of a fingers then it came are way as it got closer it was really big about the size of a large truck and the light came over lake Michigan and it by the time it came to us it was about 150 feet away it had no sound we knew it was no man made craft we turned around and began to run back to the house through the wood and we looked back the craft was lighting the tree tops up but when we got to the house the light faded out as it past over. The craft just looked light a big ball of fire it had no sound at all but after we had seen that it’s never been the same again things start happing more often. Thanks for reading this please contact me.

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