UFO Sighting in Whitesboro, New York on July 3rd 2015 – Round, pulsating Orange lights, first seen traveling from northeast, then straight up, then southwest.

First seen at 21:50 EST. Came over the horizon from the northeast, with pulsating orange lights. It was hovering about 500 feet above some houses, almost like it was searching or scouting. By the time me and my friend ran outside to see it, it was about 700 feet in the air, shooting straight up, at about 85 to 90 degrees. When it was at about 900 to 1000 feet in the air, it headed south-southwest, and when it got in front of a star in the sky, it disappeared. Unfortunately, our cell phones were in the house, so we could not get a picture. About 30 minutes later we were walking to the store, and saw strange activity around the moon. There were no clouds in the sky, except for around the moon. It appeared as if there was one big ship in front, ducking in and out of the clouds, like it was using or generating clouds to block itself, perhaps more ships. It looked as though it was using the moon the block out its own light, but we definitely saw one big ship with a big search light. There is a picture that we found on Google of the moon that night, and the strange light around it. I will attach the photo, but take no credit for capturing it.

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