UFO Sighting in New Concord, Kentucky on July 4th 2015 – orange blinking starlike light above tree line stayed still then moved as if lowering altitude in same manner as iss, lost it in trees. object reappeared in original position and seemed to hover then fade as if getting farther away. multiple witnesses

After dark around 10/11p participating at a celebration with music and personal fireworks. Multiple eye witnesses noticed orange star like object above the trees seemed to be stationarylike a planet and moved as if on a trajectory similar to iss, same speed . Object went below tree line and was seen hovering through trees then it was just gone. Some on what it could b. MULTIPLE eye witnesses ex military navigator. We used binoculars to try and see but was not trackable whe lost in tree line. Object appeared again in same position above and seemed to hover stationary. Then orange glow faded as if object were flying on a straight line, altitude and refectory never changed. Object faded away within 3 minutes of second sighting. No sightings after that. We were on Kentucky lake facing mueey ky. bject was not over water our near reflec surfac. Fireworks were small and below tree .

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