UFO Sighting in Olive Branch, Mississippi on July 4th 2015 – Pulsating red orange light.

I’ve witnessed an orb in the past when fireworks were present. I have also read and heard they are attracted to fireworks. So, I took my phone out and was armed and ready for shots of at least one on the evening of July 4, 2015. Turns out I saw 3 following one another and about 10 minutes later another one. The way the lights were pulsating it couldn’t of been a Chinese lantern. Too strong of a pulse. The first 3 were over 2000 feet high and started to climb through the clouds until disappeared. The last one was somewhat lower and took a different path of the previous 3. My husband has an ATP rating and has flown for 40 years. I called him out to look. He said it didn’t have the navigational colored lights on them like a plane would have. I asked him what the altitude was and he said around 2000 feet and was climbing by the time he got outside. My brother took a photo as well of an orb last night (4th of July) in Tennessee. He was around fireworks himself. I had told him about these being seen around fireworks. His photo was similar to what I took. He was hunting once around the 4 corners area and saw a strange light at night. It made him feel uneasy and went back to his vehicle and slept the night in it. He said he also called his wife to tell her. A couple of my photos when blown up look like there could be a solid object in center. I’ll leave that for the professionals to figure out. I would like for someone to look at these photos blown up and tell me what their thoughts are on what these could be. So please get back with me concerning photos and video. You will see two separate pulsating lights in the video. The video isn’t long because I wanted to zoom in on the objects and I couldn’t do that with video on my phone. I started taking still shots. The video shows the 4th and last one that came by. It was lower and climbed into the clouds out of sight. It also had somewhat a different flight path.

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