UFO Sighting in West Molesey, on June 21st 2015 – unknown lights in the sky

I ma not sure if this worthy enough information for you, but I was lying in bed speaking into my Dictaphone for a biography that I am writing. I always look out of my window at night as it helps me to think more clearly. I watch the satellites that drift across the sky and 2 maybe three times a week I see meteors, nothing unusual. It was 2.ooam when I saw a meteor, they still fascinate me. Then at 204am I had just recorded something on my Dictaphone then looked at my ceiling for approx. 3 seconds so the constellations had not moved, but when I looked back out of the window these two bright lights had suddenly appeared, and it startled me. They stood vertically one above the other and were much brighter than any of the stars that I had seen over my years of star gazing. I knew that Venus was appearing every night, but that was on the other side of my apartment, about 170 degrees in the other direction, plus there was two of them. I am guessing that they were 30 degrees from the horizon and I had the sense that they were a long way off but cannot be sure. The lights would have been too bright for oncoming aircraft and I am also familiar with commercial flight paths in that area and at that time in the morning it was very unusual. Also there was two of them and all the planes that I see at night, I can usually see their red navigation port light and their green navigational starboard light on their wings, if they are too high or far away they just appear as a flashing white light. When I see the white bow light of an oncoming aircraft, it will dim as it starts to turn direction and of course is always moving. These lights remained motionless for five minutes then began to slowly dim and then turned off instantly. I knew that the batteries were flat in my camcorder as I had not used it since my last holiday so unfortunately I could not use it, and besides my eyes were fixed on the objects. I had a strange reason that I did not want them to se me, subconsciously maybe I felt that there was intelligence involved. I know a bit about astronomy but I can not come to a conclusion about what I saw. They were just two lights in the sky but it plays on my mind. Maybe it some sort of natural phenomena that occurs. I hope that this small piece of information may be relevant to you somehow. Yours sincerely Robert James Brook.

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