Alien language, linguistic analysis

This excerpt of alleged alien language emerged during a hypnotic session conducted in Italy on a subject, which would be regularly invoked by aliens.

During the dialogue, the will of the hypnotic subject has been replaced by the awareness of an (alien active memory) that is part of the alien consciousness that is embedded in the human brain by aliens to stay alive.

In this case the human brain is used as a HD computer to preserve the essence of an ET.

The alien memory is that of a “blond five fingers, or Orange”

That’s one of the phrases in alien language:

TiS Wa aLà TeI(Y)Ka VaSa TQ Wa TaeDaJ
“For fear of God it was increased intelligence of mammal.”

In the analysis of the language of the alien we have focused on the motivation that had led to
conduct parallel language between the alien language and language
Arab, finding in speech a dense theological connotations. The Alien converses
evoking a strong sense of religion in exclamations. Exclamations that are often
daily use of Arabic and Semitic languages ​​in general.

other phrases are the following:

 “I have 90 years thanks to God.”

“The distortion of a ninth starts when put the container and the spirit to
set time “.

Here the original article in Italian, you can put the content in a translator to facilitate understanding. It seems very interesting.…a-degli-orange

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