Black Triangle Sighting in Lena, Illinois on July 4th 2015 – Triangular object that was bright orange at about the altitude of an airplane traveling northeast

I went outside to see if I could view any fireworks from our house. (We live on a high hill in the country and I wanted to see if we could see fireworks from the nearby towns.) At first I thought someone had sent a sky-lantern up into the sky because it looked like something floating that was on fire. I watched it float up and into the sky – but the higher it got and the fact that it was not affected by wind made me realize it wasn’t one. I watched it float/fly across the sky at a steady rate from southeast of my location slowly northeast. It traveled at the speed of a commercial airliner and I watched it move for several minutes. From my perspective on the ground, it had a triangular shape and it was fire-orange. I watched it until it moved further north and I could no longer see it.

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