UFO Sighting in South Lyon, Michigan on July 4th 2015 – Three red dots, not blinking, far apart, traveling as if locked in same direction, western night horizon, vanished.

Driving home from New Hudson, MI Walmart around 10:30pm on 7/4/15 EST in South Lyon, MI. I was driving and my girlfriend was a passenger heading south on Pontiac Trail just north of 9 Mile Rd. My girlfriend noticed 3 linear red dots to the far west while watching all of the local 4th of July fireworks. When she told me about them I took a quick look. All three were dark brownish/red and not flashing from the glimpse I caught. They were moving slowly in the same direction (which seemed to be toward the south east). They moved so slowly it was basically hovering but it could have also been because they were far away and moving somewhat toward my location that they seemed like they were slow. They also seemed pretty far apart from each other (if they were as far away as I think maybe 1/2 mile away from each other) but moving in the same direction. From their distance on the horizon I could only guess they were probably over the Whitmore Lake area. I was driving so my girlfriend got a much better look. They looked like stars or planets at first until I noticed that they were moving. Then I was thinking maybe balloons but how crazy would a balloon pilot be if they were to fly in pitch black darkness on the 4th of July and risk getting hit by fireworks? After first seeing them we were only a couple minutes from home. Once parked we were in a blind spot and could no longer see them. We went around the house to look more and only 1 of the 3 was still visible. That one faded out within a minute of us looking at it. It almost faded fully once, then got back to its first brightness level, then faded completely. It was still to the west but now higher in the sky when it faded. Neither of us took video because we were driving for most of it and they were not so breathtakingly abnormal that either of us felt compelled to. It was just kinda weird. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it but it still felt explainable. There were no clouds in the sky but there is a chance that they faded because of the dense firework smoke.

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